Public Concern for the Recent Reunion of Chris Brown and Rihanna

Curiosity sparked when big time hip hop star Chris Brown showed up to the 2009 Grammys sans girlfriend and popstar Rihanna. At the time, not much was thought of the incident but three weeks later, the female award-winning singer's absence was explained when a series of gruesome and heart wrenching photos were release showing physical abuse to her face and body by her boyfriend. The public was outraged at Chris Brown and questions of the hip hop artist's career ever recovering swept the media.

Four years later, on the day after the 2013 Grammy awards, the world finds itself back at square one when it comes to the celebrity couple. Rihanna and Chris Brown seem to have made amends after the horrifying incident of domestic abuse had torn them apart, many thought, forever. The question now seems to be about Rihanna's judgment concerning the reunion with her abusive boyfriend and how this public image could influence the young girls and fans that look up to her as a role model.

Rihanna, who had sworn to Diane Sawyer in a 2009 interview that decisions made based off of love only lead women back into abusive situations, took back her words as well as her acknowledgment that girls may influence their decisions based on her actions in a 2012 interview with Oprah Winfrey. In the interview, she tells Winfrey that it is simply nobody's business who she dates or what she decides concerning the past. Rihanna's feelings of love for her formerly abusive boyfriend overcame the hurt and trauma of his actions and led her back into the arms, the same that had once left her physically and emotionally injured, where she claims she belongs.

The couple has released a song concerning the public's reaction to the reunion that makes it very clear they have no regard for any opinions other than their own when it comes to their relationship. The song, aptly entitled "Nobody's business", is included on Rihanna's seventh album, also appropriately titled "Unapologetic". In the song, the couple sings their feelings about each other and about the public attention: "It ain't nobody's business. You'll always be mine, sing it to the world […]. Ain't nobody's business, but mine and my baby." However, domestic abuse and the decisions about accepting it is everyone's business when it is done on such a public platform.

A relationship in which one partner dominates the other verbally and physically is extremely dangerous and should be opened up in order to invite counsel and aid. The privacy of such situations only encourages the abuser, who knows no one is watching and no one will report his or her actions. Report of such actions can lead to detrimental consequences, especially if you are not adequately represented by a defense attorney who has the skills and knowledge to ensure you receive the rights you are entitled to. If you have been accused of a domestic violence crime, contact the Lancaster Law Office today to find out about how our qualified domestic violence attorney would like to assist you in your case.