Why Hire a Domestic Violence Attorney?

If you are accused of committing an act of domestic violence, your future freedom and your personal and professional reputation are at stake. Whether the accusations are true or false, it is important that you have legal counsel representing you. As you will be restricted from contacting the alleged victim by phone, letter, text or other means, going to your own home, and often from making contact with your children until the matter is resolved, it is imperative that the legal issues are managed by a professional that is familiar with every part of the process and who will protect your rights and interests.

There are certain issues that will require legal help to get under control, including matters surrounding a restraining order that has been issued against you. If you violate the order in any way, by trying to call the person accusing you, being present in places in which the order restricts you from going, you will be arrested and charged and taken into custody, where you will stay until you post bail, and you will be facing a criminal charge. A temporary restraining order can be made permanent if the right actions are not taken by your attorney to manage the situation and resolve it favorably.

There are various legal issues at stake, including criminal charges. Whether you are innocent or you were acting in self defense, or there were other mitigating factors, an attorney that is familiar with the process could save you from jail time, fines, mandated anger management or treatment and other repercussions. It would be dangerous to attempt to get these issues solved without legal representation. The first step is an interview to hear your side of the story. Call the Lancaster Law Office, LLC, at once if you are accused of committing domestic violence.