False Accusations

When false accusations are made against you and it is claimed that you committed an act of domestic violence, made physical threats, were abusive, or were engaged in stalking or committed sexual assault against another party, that party can immediately get a restraining order issued that will restrict you from making contact, entering your own home (even if the property is owned by you, or you leased the property), or going to certain locations such as places the family often frequents. You can be restricted from seeing your children, or you may be have specific orders regarding visitation with your children.

This can be a terrible situation for the defendant, particularly if the accusations are false. There is recourse for those who are falsely accused, and it is important that a Denver domestic violence lawyer gets involved immediately, as without legal help, you could face criminal charges, or could be subject to a permanent restraining order that will continue these restrictions for a long period of time.

You have the right to contest such an order, and ask for the order to be lifted. This will occur at a hearing in which you have the opportunity to tell your side of the story, and ask the court to cancel the order. If the restraining order is based upon an accusation that has no truth to it, it still may not be a simple matter to have the order lifted. It is advised that you get legal representation to assist you with this process, as the outcome of a hearing must be effective in proving that the order was based upon false accusations.

A temporary or permanent restraining order make your life difficult, it can harm your personal and professional reputation, as others may assume you did commit the act and pass judgment about your character. It is imperative that action is taken immediately by your attorney to bring this matter to a close. The court does not look kindly upon those who use the justice system to harm others with false accusations. Contact the Lancaster Law Office, LLC at once if you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, stalking, sexual abuse, or of making threats of violence. We should review your situation immediately to get the matter resolved.