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Accused of Domestic Violence?

The Definition of Domestic Violence in Colorado

Domestic violence means any threat of or an actual assault against a person or their property with whom you are, or have once been, in an intimate relationship, whether married or not, including those against gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender individuals. Such actions as child abuse, spousal abuse, and stalking can all be considered domestic violence.

Get Defense Against Strict Domestic Violence Charges

Once a 911 call has been made, the police will respond and they will arrest one or both parties no matter whether or not they find any evidence at the scene of violence. If you are arrested you will be put in jail until you can appear before a magistrate or judge. If you have been charged with domestic violence you should call a Denver domestic violence lawyer at the Lancaster Law Office, LLC immediately. Do not make any statements or plea without first speaking with an experienced domestic violence defense attorney.

The laws concerning domestic violence in Colorado are much stricter than in many other states. The police must arrest someone once they are called and that person will face immediate restrictions and other penalties that will affect them the rest of their lives. Our firm has successfully helped others like you fight allegations of domestic abuse and our lawyers understand the severe consequences that you could face. Although the law is based on the presumption that you are innocent until proven guilty, the criminal justice system is very unsympathetic to anyone who is even accused of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence 101

We have highlighted some key topics related to domestic violence charges in Denver. Feel free to review these or to call our offices for a confidential review of your particular case.

False Accusations
Being falsely accused of a serious crime such as domestic violence can change your life, putting you at risk of facing imprisonment and a ruined reputation and losing your custody rights. Trying to prove your innocence on your own may prove to be a recipe for disaster. Read more about false accusations

Domestic Violence FAQ
If you have been accused of domestic violence, you most likely have a number of pressing questions. What will happen now? Do you need an attorney? What penalties may you face if convicted? Visit our domestic violence FAQ page to get answers to your common questions.

GLBT Domestic Violence
Domestic violence charges do not only affect heterosexual couples. Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender couples may also deal with domestic violence allegations, and our firm is skilled in handling these cases. Read more about GLBT domestic violence

Domestic Violence Consequences
What are the consequences of a domestic violence conviction? While every case is different, a defendant may be at risk of facing imprisonment, fines and other criminal penalties as well as a loss of custody or visitation rights and other lasting repercussions. Read more about the consequences of domestic violence

Restraining Orders
An alleged victim of domestic abuse may seek a temporary restraining order (TRO) in order to prohibit further abuse or contact of any kind from the accused. These and domestic violence charges sometimes go hand in hand. Read more about restraining orders

Orders of Protection
An order of protection may be issued by the court in a case where domestic violence has allegedly occurred, in order to restrict further contact between the victim and abuser until the charges are addressed in court. Read more about orders of protection

Child Abuse
Being accused of sexually, physically or emotionally abusing a child is a serious situation to find oneself in. You may face loss of custody and may also face harsh penalties, including imprisonment and fines. It is crucial to involve a criminal defense lawyer in these matters, as quickly as possible. Read more about child abuse

Spousal Abuse
Spousal abuse may involve any type of abuse or mistreatment of one's spouse or ex-spouse. Abuse may be physical, emotional or sexual in nature. Depending on the severity of the abuse and the jurisdiction, a defendant may face serious criminal penalties. Read more about spousal abuse

Stalking may be described as a form of harassment where a person follows, threatens or constantly contacts another person against their will. This is a felony offense in Colorado. Read more about stalking

Domestic Violence & Gun Rights
Domestic violence allegations may affect one's ability to own a firearm on a temporary basis, while charges are pending. If a person is convicted of domestic violence, he or she may permanently lose the right to bear arms. Read more about domestic violence and gun rights

Domestic Violence Laws in Colorado
Each state has its own definition of and penalties for domestic violence, and Colorado is no exception. Because our firm understands the particular issues associated with these matters under Colorado state law, we are able to use this to our clients' advantage. Read more about domestic violence laws

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Even if the alleged victim decides not to file a complaint or to "drop the charges" they will not be allowed to. The prosecution will pursue the charges to get a conviction. You will automatically have an "order of protection" issued that will prohibit you from any sort of contact with the victim until the case is resolved. You may additionally have a restraining orders filed against you. Your right or own or possess a firearm will also be suspended and any violations of either of these restrictions will result in your immediate arrest. Don't risk your future freedom and liberty even if you think that the allegations aren't "serious" or true. If convicted you will face fines, mandatory treatment, possible jail time and the loss of your ability to see or speak to you own family members. Call us for a free consultation today.

Contact a Denver domestic violence attorney immediately if you have been arrested for domestic violence for skilled and aggressive legal representation.

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