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  1. We at the LANCASTER LAW OFFICE, believe the most effective legal representation is based on a relationship of trust and commitment.
  2. We strive from the first meeting or phone call to make sure you are treated as the unique individual you are.
  3. We believe the singular most important case to every client is their own.
  4. We believe in the United States Constitution and that the rights afforded therein are to be possessed by all people regardless of race, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation or any other matter.
  5. We believe our fervent defense of each and every client, in each and every case, protects the rights of all people in our great nation.
  6. We believe in fighting the injustices committed by our government. We fight against police officers acting outside the bounds of their limited duties as well as district attorneys that have failed their duty to seek justice, not merely convictions against the accused.
  7. We believe that every action by every member of this office must be must be made with our clients' best interests in mind.
  8. We believe in using every option our constitution allows to pursue our clients' best interests.


Our clients choose us and refer their friends and family members to us because of our experience, knowledge, tenacity and desire to pursue their case and to produce the best possible results.

Information is power. Our relationships with our clients ensure that we have the best information to fight for their rights in the way best suited to achieve their goals.

We work with experienced investigators to track down witnesses and find evidence missed by law enforcement.

We are experienced trial attorneys. With that experience we can adeptly litigate your case from any pre-indictment investigation by law enforcement through jury trial. Our vast experience also enables us to be able to fully counsel and advise clients when a plea agreement may be in their best interests.

Research and writing are essential to protect your rights. We have the ability, background and creativity to ensure the police are not able to deprive you of your constitutional rights without regard to the law. If evidence has been illegally obtained, we fight to keep it from being used against you.

We work in courtrooms throughout the metro area and all across the front range and elsewhere in the state. Our grasp of the law allows us to pursue your case regardless of location in the State of Colorado.


We will fight for you. Criminal defense is our passion. Whether you are facing a DUI, Drug Charge, Domestic Violence, Homicide or any other criminal offense brought forth by our government, we will be here to protect you, counsel you and fight for you. Defending your rights under our Constitution and placing you in the best possible outcome is what we strive for in every case.

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