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The laws regarding domestic violence are harsher than in other states in the U.S. If a call is made to 911 regarding a domestic dispute, law enforcement will be sent and whatever they find the circumstances may be, they must arrest someone, usually the male. Once charged, the accused will be put in jail until they can be seen by a judge or magistrate to arrange bail. To be released, the judge will issue an "order of protection" (OOP) that restrict the person charged from contact with the alleged victim, including an order to stay away from their home and preventing any communication with the victim and/or their children. If you or a loved one has been arrested for domestic violence you should call a Denver domestic violence lawyer at the Lancaster Law Office, LLC immediately. Domestic violence cases are often put on a "Fast Track" to be processed and prosecuted quickly to reach a plea or conviction and you'll need an experienced lawyer present to protect you.

To preserve your right to a fair trial, do not try to make any explanation or statements to anyone without your attorney present. Making a "guilty" or "no contest" plea will result in a criminal record, fines, treatment and the possibility of a permanent restraining order against ever seeing your family. Once arrested, it is impossible for your charges to be dismissed, even if the victim wants to drop the charges. We can provide the legal resources and experience necessary to fight the domestic violence allegations and help you regain your rights and liberty. Obtain representation from the top domestic violence attorney in Denver and discuss your options of defense.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Denver

It is illegal to be in possession of any firearms while under an order of protection. You are also prohibited from drinking alcohol or using drugs. It is important that you do not violate any of the OOP rules or it can result in your immediate arrest. Searching for a lawyer for your domestic violence case in Denver? Our firm is dedicated to fighting for your rights aggressively and getting the charges against you wiped clean. We will do everything in our power to preserve those rights and fight vigorously to disprove the allegations made against you. Call us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Contact a Domestic Violence Attorney in Denver for more information if you have been accused of domestic violence.

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