If police arrested you for or charged you with a drug-related crime in Denver, you could be facing serious penalties. From treatment programs and probation to hefty fines and even years in prison, a criminal conviction could drastically change your future. Don't attempt to defend yourself by explaining your case to law enforcement or investigators. Let an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney from the Lancaster Law Office LLC protect your rights and interests from start to finish. Our team is well versed in state and federal drug laws and we understand how to build a powerful defense for our clients. We have worked with a number of individuals to have their charges reduced or dismissed completely. Let us help steer your case toward the most positive resolution possible.


The state of Colorado places controlled dangerous substances (CDS) into five categories or schedules, depending on how likely individuals are to abuse them and whether they have any recognized medical value. Substances that individuals are less likely to abuse and that have accepted medical use generally fall within Schedule V. Schedule I drugs have a high likelihood of abuse with no medical value and include heroin and synthetic opiates. Penalties range from petty offenses and misdemeanors for some Schedule V drugs to felony offenses for those in Schedule I.

State law also categorizes drug crime charges by the amount of illegal substances involved and the activity surrounding the offense. Charges related to drug crimes can include:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Distribution or Trafficking
  • Drug Manufacturing or Cultivation

Individuals found with a large quantity of an illegal substance could be charged with possession with intent to distribute, even if there is no evidence they were selling the drug other than the quantity, which in many cases, is very little. Individuals involved in any part of the distribution or manufacturing process can be facing years in state prison, and a life that is essentially changed forever.

If you have been accused of a drug crime, it can be an overwhelming and confusing time. We are committed to protecting your rights at every point in the criminal justice process. In many cases, it is found that the police have overstepped the bounds of the law, and have violated a person's Fourth Amendment rights when searching for and seizing any illegal substances or drug paraphernalia. If this is the case, we will immediately file to have the evidence against you dismissed. Our team stays abreast of changing drug crime laws and of the most effective defense strategies. Complete a free case evaluation to learn more about how we can fight for you. Contact our firm today to gain an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney as your advocate.

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